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We offer Infrared Thermal Inspection
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Energy efficient concrete homes are our specialty at Old Europe Construction LLC. We build insulated concrete homes and additions that improve your home’s efficiency and reduce your energy consumption. We also conduct home energy analyses for your convenience.

Let Us Build Your Dream Home

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Old Europe Construction specializes in custom home building and additions using (ICF) insulated concrete forms. We focus on the energy efficiency of your home

Our ICF homes provide stronger, more comfortable, quiet and highly energy-efficient structures. The lifespan an ICF home is hundreds of years longer than regular construction methods. ICF walls are hypoallergenic and can withstand hurricanes, tornado-force winds, and fire all while keeping noise to a minimum.

Insulating Concrete Forms or “ICFs” are created by integrating a high-density plastic structural web embedded in two outer layers of Expanded Polystyrene,”EPS” Foam. This web provides a support structure for each side of the form and for reinforcing materials. The wall is created by sandwiching concrete between each of these layers.

Our ICF Homes Are Fireproof

ICF Homes don’t burn. When a fire devastated this San Diego suburb the 3 left standing were all ICF homes.

No Organic Growth on/in IFC Homes

The air inside ICF buildings is some of the cleanest indoor air in the world. Since nearly no moisture or air goes through ICF structures, this means dust, mold, and pollen are kept out of the building.

Wind and Extreme Weather Resistance

This ICF Home is the Only One Left Standing After Hurricane Katrina.